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Just like breweries do beer collaborations, we do sauce collaborations.


We have only one rule — we work together with you to reengineer your recipe or idea to leverage our healthy and nutritious formula that maximizes health benefits and minimizes fat, sugar, salt, carbs, etc. It's not as hard as you may think — we have four base sauces to work with, green, red, brown and white. And we build out your sauce from there. If you already have a sauce, will our version be identical? No, but it will, as we like to say, "manifest the spirit" and flavors of yours. And most likely be way better for you to eat. Don't have a sauce but want to create one? We’ll help you realize your vision using an almost unlimited palette of herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and liquids.

We particularly like collaborating for a good cause. Imagine crafting a sauce high in the vitamins, minerals and inhibitors (like antioxidants) that are known to provide protection from diseases. If you support or are associated with a charity or not-for-profit that funds research for these types of diseases, then that's a unique fundraising opportunity.


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Wednesday 5 Hot Sauce

We worked with a local Falls Church resident to adapt his favorite hot sauce and help him manufacture it for sale. All the proceeds go to a non-profit in honor of his friend who died from a rare lung disease that the non-profit supports through research and advocacy.

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