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What is Yumchup?

A lighter, brighter take on traditional ketchups. Seasoned to taste just like ketchup, but made from cabbage and a little red beet. And much less sugar and salt than traditional ketchups -- just enough to balance out the flavor, and no more.

Why did you create Yumchup?

Hmmm. Good question. We could go on a long tirade about our aesthetic regarding denial of material, but the real answer is -- because we could.

If it tastes like ketchup, why don't you call it ketchup?

Good question, grasshopper. Personally, we blame Big Tomato. According to the FDA any product called ketchup must contain tomatoes or tomato parts. Which even a cursory investigation into the history of ketchup (meaning a simple Google query) will show that assumption is utterly incorrect. Damn you Big Tomato, damn you all to hell! 

What can I put Yumchup on?

Whatever you put ketchup on and more, since it is so darn good for you.

What else is in Yumchup?

Besides red cabbage, there's (in order of prominence) apple juice (not from concentrate), cider and white vinegar, red beets, onions, water, garlic, Jalapeño peppers, lemon, kosher salt and spices.

How good for you is Yumchup?

Take a look:

Is Yumchup gluten free, vegan, paleo, kito, whole30, etc.?

Sure, why not. And whatever other new diet fad that comes along that is low or no sugar, fat, carb, sodium, preservatives, whatever.

How is Yumchup fat free and saturated fat free?

It's... cabbage.

How does Yumchup have no added sugar?

We use not-from-concentrate apple juice to to naturally sweeten it.

Is Yumchup organic?

Dude. No, not entirely. Some ingredients are but it varies batch to batch based on availability. Would we like to be 100% organic? Sure, and when we are able to crank out enough volume we can buy organic ingredients in super large quantities, then sure, we will do it. So buy some today and help us get there.

Sheesh, touchy much? Ok, so is Yumchup at least "natural"?

Hmmm, well, the FDA does not "object" to the use of the term if the product does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances. None of which we add to Yumchup intentionally. So, sure.

What's up with the caterpillar?

No, there is no added caterpillar in Yumchup or any of our products. At least not on purpose ;). The caterpillar is Karl. He loooooves kale. And he used to spend all day chewing and chewing and chewing kale, rarely if ever satisfied (link to Kalechup TV ad illustrating this). Then he discovered Kalechup, and now he can chug kale goodness whenever he feels like it. He loves Kalechup so much, he offered to be our spokesperson for all our products. Of course we accepted. And BTW, the internet rumors are totally false, Karl has NOT undergone surgery or is taking medication to avoid transforming into a cabbage moth. Fake news!

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